Frequently Asked Questions

If you're thinking of coming to learn Lindy hop with us, you're bound to have a few questions! 

We've answered the ones we're asked the most here but if we haven't covered your query,  drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.

Where do you hold regular classes?

Our weekly classes are held at St Mary's Church Hall, Stretton, near Burton on Trent.


Do you teach private lessons?

Yes! We can teach regular private lessons, or an intensive day  if you wish, to get you dancing more quickly. Prices start at £40 per couple, per hour, excluding venue hire and travel. We can use our own venue (which we recommend) or come to somewhere of your choosing. We also specialise in teaching wedding dances. This isn't the same as normal private tuition, as it involves some extra special touches for your perfect day, including choreography. This is charged at £55 per couple, per hour. Get in touch to book or for more information.

Can I join part way through a term?

Absolutely! We teach in a way that caters especially for this. We realise that people have commitments, families and emergencies and we plan our lessons so that joining mid-way through a term or having to miss a week doesn't put you behind. We would ask that you let us know if you're intending to come though, just so we can have a chat and find out a bit about you and any experience you might have beforehand. It helps us to plan how we can work with you best and get you the most out of the lessons.

Do you rotate partners?

No, we don't force people to swap around. If you want to, you're more than welcome, but we recognise that most people want to learn with their regular partner, especially while they're gaining confidence. Our improvers class will swap around a little more.

Do I need a partner?

You don't need to bring a partner (though fantastic if you do!) as there will be someone to dance with and we will come and dance with you too. We'll also be teaching some dances that don't require partners.

What should I wear?

As long as you're comfortable (and it's safe for dancing in) anything goes! You can even buy Red & Ginger dance tee shirts from us in class.

Some people like to wear smart trousers/dresses/skirts, others prefer to come to classes a bit more casual (and save dressing up for events and social dances) – it's really up to you.

Flat shoes that won't fly off are recommended, and ones without too much grip – a bit of slip helps with some of the moves. Small, wide heels are fine as long as you feel comfortable dancing in them, but feel free to bring a spare pair of flats just in case.

Which class should I take?

Lindy 1 is aimed at beginners who have little or no experience of dancing or have not done Lindy hop before. We focus on getting you moving and enjoying yourselves and getting familiar with the basic moves and techniques. The important thing in this class is enjoyment! We recommend becoming confident with 6 and 8 count triple steps and being able to perform a swingout confidently before moving up to Lindy 2.

Lindy 2 is for those who have become confident with the basics of Lindy hop and want to challenge themselves. You will be comfortable with 8 and 6 count triple-steps, swingouts and charlestons and more. This improvers class hones your footwork, floorcraft and technique and focuses on styling and developing your control of the dance along with more complex moves. 

How much is a class?

Each lesson lasts around an hour and is only £7 on the door, or £10 if you stay for both classes. You don't need to book, just turn up!

Get there for 7.15pm if you can so classes can start promptly. 

Music to practise to!

Probably the question we're most frequently asked is 'Have you got a playlist we can dance to at home?'  Well, here you are! 

This isn't just one video: it's twelve songs, all in a good tempo with interesting phrasing for you to have a go with.

Just press 'play' and enjoy!